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Do You "Ooze"?
Having the light of Christ radiate from you is a gift from God. We all struggle with living a life that glorifies God. What are some things that we can feed ourselves with to have His light shine through us? Come and be renewed with truth from God as women share the things that help them keep connected with Christ everyday.

From Doubt to Joy: Making the Most of Every Day"
This one hour, motivational presentation will focus on living an empowered life with a bleeding disorder. Bleeding disorders are challenging and life changing, but attitude makes all the difference when living with a chronic condition. Hospitals, inhibitors, emergency rooms, and needing an extra refrigerator are all part of the bleeding disorder reality. The audience will participate in an activity that will help them to see their current situation in a new light. Connections will be made and hopefully a new attitude for those struggling with their condition will emerge.

Are You Black and Blue?
Do you “beat yourself up” if things are not perfect? Do you struggle with your body image because you are not a certain weight? Are you not able to “keep up with the Jones’”? Come and hear the truths about how comparisons can destroy your spirit, if you are not armed with the Word of God.

"Forty" and Qualified!
Do you think you are supposed to accomplish "certain things" by a "certain age"? Do you let yourself get stuck into thinking that age is the end all? God uses everyone regardless of their age. Your path in life may be changing and you may be fighting it, but come and hear how God used people throughout the Bible to do wonderful things at different stages in their lives.

Cazandra's topics are designed to be approximately 45 minutes to an hour in length. Several topics may be woven together for conferences and retreats. Cazandra is happy to address the needs of your group and develop a specialized message.


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