Friday, August 31, 2012

Talking and Laughing

"Lance" came home today talking a mile a minute.  Remember, this is my son who has not been excited about school in a few years.  He is now involved with the drama department at the high school and is so excited he could hardly put into words the events of his day.  He ended by saying "I've just had a great day."  My heart was overflowing with thanks when I heard those words come out of his mouth.

Talking and talking and talking...a beautiful sound.

 And the laughter!  I don't care what has happened in our day, my Junior in High School and First Grader both expect to be tickled by their Dad!  It's madness!  They have code to scream out at the top of their lungs in order for their Dad to stop….for Lance it's "MINERVA!" and for Christian it's "MONSTER TRUCK MINERVA!"  (I know, it makes no sense :)

This is one of those days where I know, without any doubt, that my children are utterly happy...

My family is in one of the best places they have ever been in…

And my God is with me despite my shortcomings, always.

It just doesn't get better.

Today I Am Thankful For:

1.  Popcorn
2.  A new project with my hubby
3.  Cleaning ladies
4.  Beads
5.  The first "crisp" feeling in the air

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wake up Calls and Second Chances

The night before I have to catch a flight, I set at least two alarms.  I'm worried I won't wake up in time.

When I am in a hotel and have an early meeting the next morning, I set two alarms and have the hotel wake up service give me a call (always waking up before any alarm goes off).

But sometimes wake up calls come in different ways. 

A second chance given for making up a grade at school…

Almost losing a job and determining your life's passion…

Even having a health scare that gives you another chance to get your life in shape.

I bet we could all list off a few times in our lives when we have been given a second chance. 

Isn't it amazing the "chances" God has given us….and continues to give us on a daily basis?

His love is all encompassing.  He never turns his back on us even when we continue to turn ours on Him.

Lamentations 3:23 tell us that His mercies are new every morning.  Every morning we wake up, we have another chance to make something better.  I am going to make it a point to continue working on my relationship with Christ to be even stronger.  Christ, the source of my steadiness will keep me at peace when those wake up calls come along.

Today I Am Thankful For:
1.  kindness
2.  lack of sleep
3.  my iPad
4.  treadmills
5.  good test results

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Out of the Blue

Sometimes something comes to you out of the blue...right when you need it.  A phone call from an old friend, finding an old photo that brings back a wonderful memory, or getting a card in the mail from someone who took the time to think about you.  Last week, that "out of the blue" moment came to me at work.  I won a contest for submitting the best idea to our team (and received a cash prize to boot)!  It is my answer to being able to attend a speaker's conference in January :)


Honestly, things have been pretty rough lately.  The crazy thing is that there is not one thing in  my life going wrong.  Not one!  Actually, things are the best they have been in years!  But when you suffer from clinical depression it doesn't matter.  Everything can be as perfect as perfect can be, but when that shroud of depression hovers over you, it's a big fight to keep moving.  Over the years I have gotten much better at fighting my depression.  Used to be I would give in completely to it, but now I know the signs, can feel it coming on, and talk openly about it with my husband.  It just makes for really difficult days.


That surprise just helped me fight my way out of a really bad place.  You just never know what will matter.  Yes, a surprise and cash prize will make just about anyone happy, but how that surprise changed me meant more than any amount of money every could.  I had no idea when I submitted that idea that I would win...I'm just glad I listened and followed through.


You never know what is going to change a person's day.  Your smile, taking time for a phone call, including a person in your lunch just have to listen to that voice within you.

Today I am Thankful For:

1.  surprises
2.  a new face cream
3.  Sunday afternoon's
4.  homemade tortillas
5.  just right Spanish rice :)

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Wow! Thank you, God!

My 16 year old, "Lance", has been in on-line school for the past two years.  It's not been a good fit.  We had to pull him out of public school due to some really serious bullying and at the time, it was the only choice.  Yesterday he went back to public school, as a junior, and I'll be honest, the night before I could not sleep because I was so worried about him.  He had a fantastic day!  Thank you, God!  Lance walked into the house with a spring in his step like I haven't seen in a very, long time.

And my 6 year old, "Christian", met his 1st grade teacher on Wednesday.  All I can say is "SHAZAM!"  She is fantastic!  My husband and I absolutely love her :)  We instantly had a connection with her and I am really looking forward to the school year.  She even asked me to come in for story time on Monday to talk to the class about hemophilia.  I am really excited.

To be honest, Monday, and Tuesday were pretty yucky for depression was starting to play with me and I was just having a really bad time.  Wednesday came and things were looking up...I started to sink again...but when my Lance came in after school, it completely lifted my spirits.

My children are my heart and soul.  I want nothing more than for them to be happy.

Let's face it, they are the only ones who know what my heart sounds like from the inside.

Today I Am Thankful For:

1.  backpacks
2.  freshly sharpened pencils
3.  shopping for school clothes
4.  phone calls from dear friends
5.  new, spiral notebooks

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

An Afternoon Filled With Happiness

Some people would describe a happy, Sunday afternoon as a nap, going to the movies, playing with the kids, or maybe even a good round of golf.  Last Sunday was a very happy afternoon for me.  I was able to sit uninterrupted for a few hours and do work for church.  Ministry work.  I spent time planning for events that are coming up...a new bible study, a women's ministry stuff!  But when you work full time, cook, clean, etc. sometimes the things that bring you joy (hobbies and such) are way far down the list.

Ministry is where my heart is.  Not only ministry in church, but ministry through my day job as well(helping care for people with bleeding disorders and serving as a touchpoint for our national team).

Passion can be found in many places through many outlets...but where does your mind take you when you daydream?  You may find that it's where your heart belongs.

Today I Am Thankful For:

1.  Video games
2.  School starting!!
3.  Planning
4.  Dinner with new friends
5.  Daydreams

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Monday, August 13, 2012


I used to think reverence was only attributed to the Divine. You know, like making the sign of the cross as you crossed in front of the altar of the church or simply whispered when you were inside of a church out of respect. 

I recently had an unexpected, beautiful moment while I was at a conference in San Diego.  Our new friends from New Mexico were there with their three boys (2 with hemophilia) and their newest addition was only about 5 weeks old!  One day they joined us for lunch so I ate quickly and took the baby so his mom and dad could eat uninterrupted (I remember that was a nice treat with a newborn).  The baby started to fuss after a little bit, so we walked.  In the midst of a hotel banquet room with the clinking of silverware, voices floating through the room and the air buzzing with laughter and conversation, here I was in a quiet, savory moment with this precious little one.  Despite the craziness around us, it was a moment of reverence….a moment of awe.  A moment that took me back to holding my children when they were new to this world. 

I don't think I stopped smiling as I held this beautiful little creature.  The moment took me away from my tired feet, my troubles and worries, and I focused on what at that moment was the most divine.

 Today I Am Thankful For:

1.  Homemade chocolate/peanut butter cookies
2.  AFV
3.  Old printers
4.  Golf tournaments
5.  An afternoon filled with work for ministry

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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Rest for My Soul

"Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:29-30 (NIV)

I just returned from San Diego.  My family attended an educational summit on hemophilia and inhibitors.  It was a great time of meeting new friends, learning about new treatments and just being able to get away and enjoy each other.  Sometimes it takes a "meeting" or special event to get our families away from the daily grind.

Work, school, cooking, cleaning, hemophilia...the list goes on.  We all have burdens to carry.  Some are heavier than others.  But the best part of burden carrying is when you are able to find rest for your soul.  Finding rest for my soul has been in not just finding God in the walls of my church on Sunday mornings, but in seeing the calm waters of the San Diego bay, watching my husband's excitement over fresh seafood, our tired feet from all of the walking, and just breathing in another, hot New Mexico day.

 Letting go and experiencing rest for my soul is a treasure.  It can come at the most unexpected times and places, we just have to acknowledge the gift so that we can continue to carry our loads.

 Today I Am Thankful For:
  1. Clean sheets

  1. Shuttle buses

  1. Peaches and plums

  1. Great pictures from a getaway

  1. Lotion on tired feet

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