Friday, January 01, 1999

What Others Are Saying

"To categorize Cazandra as a speaker is to minimize her talent and message.  As Charles Spurgeon preached light through darkness, she is also able to minister to everyone in all circumstances.  Her beautiful, flowing messages make her more of an orator than mere speaker."   Betty Compton, Elephant Butte, New Mexico

"Cazandra MacDonald has a compelling personal story to tell.  She speaks to those who face similar challenges with a thoughtful and upbeat message of hope.  Cazandra quickly captures the attention of an audience with her quick wit and powerful message of perseverance.  She is truly a talented inspirational speaker."  Jim Paist, Executive Director, Hemophilia Foundation of the Minnesota/Dakotas

“Cazandra belongs to the church I attend. She also took a writing class that I presented. I knew of her musical talents but was amazed at two other assets she has. One, her writing comes straight from her heart. She’s expressive as well as informative. I was pleased to have heard her give two talks, one for a woman’s group and the second as a sermon. Wow! I think if she were a pastor at any given church, the church would have standing room only! She is a fine Christian, a wonderful friend and a loving mother. It is my pleasure to know her.” Barbara Walsh, author, Deming, NM

"Cazandra carries with her as she speaks a comfort level to share others stories so that she can make and help you feel comfortable.  Her experience is God given and He has given her the ability to help others who just might need that little bit of help along the way."  Johanna Chappelle, RN, President, Sangre de Oro, Inc., Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Cazandra MacDonald is a remarkable and captivating speaker. She has a God-given talent to convey a relevant message and immediately connect with her audience. She is able to motivate her audience, no matter if it is a small group or several hundred, as they experience her real-life stories. Cazandra inspires those around her to make a difference in their own life and to those in relationship with them. Simply stated, after hearing Cazandra I want to be a better person". Jay Bryant-Wimp, Columbia, MO


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