Friday, April 23, 2010


Today is chemo day. Me and my Christian are in the infusion suite getting his treatment. I'll be honest...I'm getting so tired.

I was complaining to my husband about the chemo...."Why isn't it working faster? When are we going to be done? I really don't want to make the drive to Albuquerque."

When we come to the infusion suite, we have to wait in the playroom until we are ready to go back. In walks a little boy about 5 years old with a mask on, his jacket and hood covering his head. "Mom, can I take my mask off? he asks, "No, says Mom. He sits down to play, takes off his jacket and exposes his hairless head. A victim of cancer.

There is an attractive, young teenager who is here every time we are. He is on dialysis. He should be out chasing girls and playing ball (hopefully he is) but he has something pretty major to endure.

I know that the end of chemo is coming. My Christian has not lost his hair, rarely gets sick from the treatment and is always full of energy. We have nothing to complain about.

Today I Am Thankful For:

1. Janie - who plays the guitar and instruments for the children in the hospital
2. rice cakes
3. Fruit by the Foot
4. chocolate milk
5. maracas


The Begnaud's said...

I wish that I lived closer to you to help you and so that Syd could be a friend and supporter of Christian. You are so strong and so positive! Great things will come to you and your family. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. We pray for a cure!

God bless all of you!
Lisa Begnaud

Flo said...

This was meaningful!! My grandson, Brad, had Leukemia at age 5 and it was 8 years before we could relax and consider him cured. If that wasn't enough, he was in a terrible ATV accident 5 yrs ago and God saved his life again!!! God is faithful!!
Happy Mother's Day!!

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