Friday, October 08, 2010


While I was out of town this week something happened at Lance's school.

He was assaulted by two boys. Lance was sitting on a railing in front of the band hall and these two boys, who had been verbally harrasing him the week before, shoved him off the rail and he fell about 6 feet.

Lance has hemophilia. It was not a good scene. He called my husband and told him to bring his factor to school immediately because he was hurt. My husband did not tell me about his injuries in detail.

I walked in the door from my trip last night and asked my son to show me his injuries. I just wanted to scream! He has bruises and scratches on his body.

Someone hurt my child! I am so glad I was not here, because I know I would have gone absolutely crazy at school!

The school did handle the situation and the boys are expelled. We have filed charges and it is at the District Attorney's office.

I can't believe this is happening to my son.

He had to infuse two extra infusions because of this incident...each infusion costs approximately $3,000.

As a pastor's wife, in a small town, am I supposed to just "forgive" and let these boys off the hook? I want to press charges and make sure they pay for what they did! I want to sue them for the costs of the extra infusions! This should not happen to our children in school!

Just because my son is not a sports fan and he enjoys music, he is labeled "gay". And even if he was gay, how does that give anyone the right to assault him? The names they called him I cannot even begin to share with you.

My heart hurts for all the children in our society that are suffering at the hands of bullies. It has to stop!

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Frank said...

That is just horrible what Lance went through. You know what though, he strode through it and by the grace of god I am sure that with your compassion you imparted a fair amount of wisdom to him that everyone has faults and that forgiveness is divine. Still your anger is so valid and to hear of this type of thing happening again and again just makes my blood boil too cause we too have had a incident like this. Our pastor was made aware of our situation and we asked him to speak to our son about it not only as consolation but also to try to impart a teaching of compassion and acceptance to those who did him wrong.
I of course went online to find a tidbit to try and share and was alarmed but not surprised to find out how much it seems bullying has escalated in recent times in the schools.
We spoke to our son about the psychology involved with his tormentors and because he is such a insightful little one afterwards he said I think they might be afraid of me cause I am different but I forgive them. His depth and character though so young shined through as Lances smile shows also. Educating our son that he was singled out in this instance but not the only person who had ever been bullied for being different made a impact.

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