Monday, February 13, 2012

Home Base

I've been floundering for several weeks.  My son, "Lance", had an accident, which involved my laptop.  We gave the laptop final rites and I have been" laptop-less" until this weekend. 

 Mind you we have a "family computer",  I have an iPhone an iPad and a laptop for work.  There have been plenty of ways for me to be connected, but not having my "home base" laptop, where my life resides, has been uncomfortable.

 When I stray from studying God's word, I feel "laptop-less".  I can wander around, find other means of being "spiritually" connected, but not necessarily in tune with what God wants me to hear.  There are many ways we can find a connection with the Creator of the Universe, and sometimes we take shortcuts.  Maybe we don’t attend church and say we are "communing with our families or with nature and that we see God in that way."  Maybe we get away from studying God's word because we are too busy and things are going fine.  I mean, no need to study when all is well...right? 

 It's dangerous to ignore our hearts and hard to make time to study.  I have committed to starting each day with a few minutes of study.  The day is so much more fruitful when I do this.  Things are going really well and I want to be thankful and praise my God for all of the blessings in my life.  I also want to be prepared for when life takes those twists and turns that put me in a twist. 

Home base for me is the Bible.  A place where I can turn to find the answer for anything.  See, God's word comforts me.  I don't always understand everything, and that is what pushes me to study.  I am challenging myself through my study to put more scripture in my heart.  It's at my fingertips, and I need to go to it way more often.  God pursues me and loves me and has left His Word for me to live by.  I just need to remember to use it as my touchstone at all times.

 Today I Am Thankful For:

1.  A new razor
2.  Return envelopes
3.  A group to play my instruments in weekly
4.  Dreaming about what the future may bring
5.  Home base

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