Thursday, September 02, 2010

Time With God - part 3

For the longest time I would get up around 5:30 am, get dressed and ready for the day and would spend time alone in the quiet of the house before everyone got up. I would write in my journal my prayers to God and read scripture.

Why did I stop? Did I really think I could "do life" on my own?

As it is I am struggling.

My eating habits are out of control right now, my overall focus is off kilter, and the self talk in my head is taking me places I should not even go. I am even on the cusp of trying to talk myself out of taking the class I am signed up for in Seminary.

I'm just scared.

Scared that I am off track....and it's proving harder to find my way back than I ever thought.

Today I Am Thankful For:

1. being honest
2. the Food Network
3. a stack of clean t-shirts
4. half empty bottles of water
5. my 300th post!


Cindy Bultema said...

Hello dear Cazandra ~
Thank you for your honesty and authenticity. Today I am thanking God for you, for the sweet encouragement you leave on my blog, for the gifts you have been given, and for the Kingdom purposes He has prepared just for you.
I am asking God to protect your mind from the enemy. May you be intentional about your thoughts, take them all captive to Christ, and be mindful that you do indeed have the mind of Christ.
You are more than an overcomer, dear Cazandra. God has given you a spirit of Power and Love and a SOUND MIND. I'll keep praying! I'm believing God for VICTORY for you in this area. May you sense His presence, His power, and His peace today!
In Him,
Cindy :)

clearingtheroad said...

Like Cindy, Cazandra I thank you for your honesty and encouragement. Not sure how I managed to arrive at your blog but I did. You will be in my prayers, for Jesus to guide you back on the road again.

God Bless

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