Monday, September 29, 2008

A Special Relationship

I am so blessed. I picked up my oldest from school today and as we were leaving the parking lot, he confided in me (I really don't want to be specific). It was something that warmed my heart. My 12 year old son tells me everything! I know, times will change, but I know that when I was 12 I didn't confide in my mom the way he confides in me.

Oh, how I hope he feels as close to me years from now as he does today!

It's like my relationship with Christ. I have depended on Him completely and given myself to Him freely, but there are times I have strayed and not given Him my utmost in confidence. I hate when that happens. He knows I have a deep love for Him and regardless of where I am in life, He loves me.

I will always love my son, whether he confides in me completely or not. It will never change the way I feel about him.


ValleyGirl said...

What an awesome picture of God's love for us, despite the paths we choose. I love these kinds of moments ~ ones that warm my heart and teach me something at the same time.

JesusRulzMe said...

Hey sister,

Just wanted to encourage you. My boys are 13 1/2 and almost 16 (in November) and they BOTH still hug and kiss both me and my husband (yes, in public), sit on our laps and tell us EVERYTHING!

So, no, it doesn't necessarily change. You just keep pointing them to Christ, love them God's agape love and truly, they will always see you as a blessing and someone they'd rather be with than their friends...that's how our kids are!

Actually, when friends call, they always make sure we don't want to do something with them first, b/c if we did, they'd prefer to be with us than their friends.

Truly a miracle and blessing from the Lord!

Bless you dear sister,

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