Monday, October 05, 2009

A New Appreciation

I have an new "appreciation", if you will, for people that are on a treatment of chemotherapy. People with cancer that take huge doses that make them extremely ill, and so many other conditions that warrant chemotherapy.

We hear of people with cancer and chemo and I think, think nothing of it, until it touches us personally. It's horrible.

"Christian" had his first round of chemo (a very small dose in relation to so many other folks) and it was pretty scary at first. About half an hour in he started to break out, his ears were red, his cheeks flushed and shortly after that he had severe chills and fever. The chills scared me the most.

Once the doctor stopped everything, gave him steroids and his fever subsided the treatment began again, with no problems. It was amazing. I watched him all night. It was like watching water boil.

So, the treatment has begun. We go on Friday's for the next three weeks, take four weeks off, go on for four weeks again…it's going to be a long year, but we continue to pray that the treatment will have been well worth it for "Christian."

As a mom, we try to protect our children. We teach them to hold hands, look both ways before crossing the street, not to talk to strangers, and the list goes on. When our hands are tied, such as medical issues, it's not a great feeling. You put your child in the hands of the doctors and trust that they know what they are doing. That they will take care of your child as if he/she was their own.

The truth is, our children, well, all of us, are in the hands of the Great Physician. All things happen under his care.

Today I Am Thankful for:

1. Benadryl
2. Newly potted plants
3. A freshly mowed yard
4. Diet Cherry Syrup
5. Overnight packages (UPS)


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