Friday, January 08, 2010

Give God a Year

I was considering the "picture a day" idea for 2010 where you take a picture a day in your life and post 365-1, 365-2, etc. But I've had a better idea.

I'm giving God a year. In my never ending quest to lose weight, I came across a new book written by Carole Lewis, "Give God a Year." So far it's a really good read. The whole idea is to commit to a year of giving God first place in your day and everything else falls into place. It's not about "losing weight" but getting your priorities in order where your relationship with Christ is concerned.

The week before Christmas I started my year. I am pretty good at my daily devotional time, but I want to deepen my relationship with Christ. I am committing myself to a regular daily time with God where I am journaling and right now working on a First Place 4 Health Bible study.

I could easily say that my committment is to lose X number of pounds, exercise regularly, etc. but I think that working on my relationship will help everything else fall into place.

What have you resolved to do this year that is different than in the past?

Today I Am Thankful For:

1. droopy plants
2. space heaters
3. this morning's sunrise
4. Joe making his flight home
5. gift card holders


A WRITER said...

Giving God first place for each day in 2010, to ASK that He show me what I need to confess, daily, that I may remain filled with the Holy Spirit's power, to bring glory and honor to God, in everything I eat, say or think.
As of February 1, 2010 I have lost five pounds --- and the burden of worry for why or how deeply He loves me. AMEN GOOD POST!

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