Tuesday, March 23, 2010

God's Pleasure

I attended (and led music) at a women's retreat this past weekend. "Faith at the Crossroads" by Janet Drez. It was very good. I always go to these kind of events and hope to take away a nugget. Something that will stick with me...and I did.

Janet talked about the movie Chariots of Fire and how the man, who was the runner, talked to his sister about how when he ran he "felt God's pleasure."

That's what I've been searching for...what is it that I do that I "feel God's pleasure?"

What about you? I would love to hear from you! When do you feel God's pleasure?"

Today I Am Thankful For:

1. the driving range
2. external hard drives
3. a clean camper
4. a few days off
5. sleeping in


The Pastor Sings said...

I assume when you mean "God's Pleasure" you mean what brings me the greatest amount of joy. I would have to say that I experience "God's Pleasure" when standing in the pulpit and allowing God to take over my entire being. I am drawn to preaching and feel very liberated when I preach.

Another way I experience "God's Pleasure" occurs when I am connected to my family. I am not adding this to a blog simply because you are my wife. This is truly how I feel. You are an important component to my connection to God by how you always find time to share of yourself at home. You cook, clean, and encourage all of us guys when we are down. For that, I am grateful. I experience God because of what you do and because of the meticulous way you prepare each event that comes into our lives. Whether we are going on a big trip or simply giving Christian a bath, you prepare well. Many might call that kind of activity full servanthood.

My hope for you is that, in your life, you might see that you are surrounded by "God's Pleasure" because you are faithful to serving God in all you do.

Your Husband

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