Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Letting Go

Raising children is a joy. But at times, when they hit those "tween" years, you want to trade them in!

The age we live in is so different than when we were kids. I remember going off all day long on my bike with my friends and calling that an awesome Saturday. Nowadays it's all about the video games and the computer. My oldest is not a big athlete so getting him interested in other things is hard to do.

Even work ethic is not the same. With our "push button" generation, kids expect things to happen with the click of a mouse. Not when practicing an instrument! Hard work is the only thing that will make you successful in the musical arena. My oldest has been learning that lesson the hard way. I admit that I get very frustrated with him. I expect him to be as good at something as I was when I was growing up, and that's just not fair. He is his own person. I have to let that go.

At 12 years old I am already seeing that I have to let go of my little boy. Before I know it he will be going off to college.

I have to let go a little bit everyday and just pray that I am steering him in the right direction. It's like that with God. He has let us go and is praying that through our free will we are making good choices. I pray daily that I am for my son and myself.

Today I Am Thankful For:

1. the quiet before everyone wakes up
2. the Lenten season
3. nail polish
4. puzzles
5. magazines


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