Monday, July 09, 2012

Enjoying the little things

We have a nice backyard in our new home, but the flowerbeds need some desperate attention.  I finally got out with a hoe early Saturday morning and started weeding and taking out the dry, dead plants.  The ground was not too hard to work with since we have finally had some rain over the past few days. 

As I was digging and making piles to pick up, I thought about my Dad.  As a kid, I remember my Dad going out on Saturday mornings to work on the yard.  He taught me how to mow a great yard :)  He never used a weedeater, he used his ax to cut the edges of the yard next to the driveway.  After raking and mowing, he would pick up the piles of leaves and cut grass, put on the sprinklers and sweep the concrete.  He was proud of his work and would then get his lawn chair out to survey his masterpiece.

I especially remember the sound of the ax when it would sometimes hit the edge of the concrete.  That's the sound I was making Saturday as I was edging.  It brought a flood of memories back to my mind of a simpler, easier time when my biggest worry was my report card and if I would be able to meet up with my friends to ride bikes on Saturday.

Sometimes it's the smallest of things that we are grateful for because they turn out to be the bigger things in life that we cannot replace.

·        Saying hello to someone at church, even if you don't remember their name.

·        Your clothes fitting a bit looser from eating healthy

·        Not having any responsibilities on a Sunday afternoon and spending time with your family.

·        Being in fellowship with others.

·        Hearing a sound from your childhood and remembering good times.

What are some of the little things you are in an attitude of gratitude about today?

Today I Am Thankful For:

1.      Hummingbirds

2.      Cool evenings

3.      Fresh dirt

4.      Dead, crispy plants

5.      Memories of my Daddy

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