Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hospital Moments

My Christian is in the hospital, again. He has an infection in his implanted port. It's been a weekend of keeping my three year old entertained while being alone in the hospital.

When you are in the hospital out of your hometown you have to manuever well. Did I pack enough clothes, since I'm not sure how long we'll be staying? Can I sneak down fast enough to get something to eat? Do I have enough time to run across the floor to wash my clothes? And of course, am I fast enough to get the bucket to him when he gets sick?

Another few, crazy days of hospital living. But through all the craziness we had some great moments. Moments that will never be taken away. Moments that may have not happened at home.

We spend lots of time looking out of the big window in our room that overlooks the university campus talking about the snow on the mountains, the colors of the leaves, the birds, the airplanes and the cars below. We get lost in our conversations.

When I put Christian to sleep, we were lying together in his bed looking at the ceiling. I had brought his nightlight, which shines the moon and stars on the ceiling. We had our quiet time of talking about the stars and "Luna." A quiet, precious moment in the craziness of the hospital.

As I have been getting stressed this evening, I hang onto those moments. I hang onto the smile from across the room that my sweet son flashes as he is watching "Thomas." And I smile at the lone choo choo on the windowsill that my thirteen year old once called his own.

Today I Am Thankful For:

1. The Ronald McDonald House
2. crushed ice
3. Skype
4. straws
5. choo choos


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