Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How to Look Good Naked

Have you seen the show "How to Look Good Naked?" I will admit that I have watched a few episodes and after a few times, you just start to feel really bad that a woman is putting herself out there in such a vulnerable way. I could not even imagine going on that show!

Women who have issues with their bodies go on to the show and the host, Carson Kressley, walks them through why they feel the way they do about their bodies. He asks, as they are in their underwear and bras, what they like and don't like about their body. Then, they rate themselves by comparing themselves to other women (also in bras and panties) to see where they think they stack up. Are they bigger or smaller, etc.

A week or so ago, I flipped on the show after it had already started, and Carson was showing a woman two life sized portraits of two very beautiful women. They were not overweight and he asked her what she liked about each of them. After a few minutes, he asked the models of the photos to come out from behind the pictures and they did not look at all like the photos. They had been airbrushed! The women from behind the photos were overweight and flawed....they were "real" women.

I loved this exercise in truth! The images we see on a daily basis are so often not reality. The woman who studied the photos was just blown away when they walked out and revealed their true selves.

After this portion of the show, the woman goes through a full makeover and does a photo shoot "naked" (covered in strategic places). In the end, you see women start to heal. They start to see themselves for who they really are and not the extra weight that is on them. That is the true message of the show.

Darlene tells us that when we "Live Well" we need to focus not on the weight and the food (especially when we "mess up") but on Christ. Who do we live for? Who do we want to "ooze" and shine through our every move? Jesus.

I pray that each of you go out this week with a renewed focus on who you serve in all things. And remember that you have been made by the Creator of the Univerese. You are perfect in his eyes.

Today I Am Grateful For:

1. My new laptop!
2. Factor 8 that treats my sons bleeds
3. Rain
4. My husband
5. Kind words from a colleague


Denise said...

Amen, bless you beautiful one.

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