Monday, January 17, 2011

Like Christmas Morning

I traveled to Pittsburgh on Thursday for meetings and came right back Friday evening. It was a very long trip….about an 8 hour journey from leaving my home to arriving at my final airport. I was torn about leaving because my "Christian" because had his first chemo treatment Friday, and he was being admitted for overnight observation since it had been a few months since his last treatment.

I knew my husband and oldest son were there with him and all was fine, but being away during this treatment was hard for me. I only missed one treatment last year, so why not have a break? Right?

My husband had to preside over a funeral Saturday, so I had to be back and switch with him on Friday evening. I was hoping to make it before Christian fell asleep, but I didn't quite make it.

I was relieved to be at the hospital with him. Just to touch his forehead as he slept and hear his breathing knowing that the chemo went well.

The next morning, I was up early. I turned toward his hospital bed and he opened his eyes. He looked at me like it was Christmas morning! I was the first thing he saw and he completely lit up with his little mouth wide open. That moment took away all the tiredness, all the disappointment from one of my meetings and completely melted my heart.

It was a moment that is etched into my heart and soul. It was a moment I felt like I didn't deserve because I've not been as "faithful" in my devotional time with God and have strayed off my path of living my most intentional life.

But I know that God sees beyond all of my mess. He loves me the way I am right at this minute and I think that moment that my Christian saw me was probably the same reaction God has when He sees me.

It's almost too much to comprehend. That the Creator of the Universe loves me with an everlasting love.

Today I Am Thankful For:

1. The feel of a new book
2. Sharpie pens
3. Restocking the pantry
4. Long, conversations
5. Stinky dogs

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