Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finding My Groove

I finally feel like I can breathe. I hate to say I am "caught up" (because that is just asking for trouble) but after being out sick last week I am finally in a place at work where I know what is next, my house is in order again, and I am seeming to figure school out.

It's been hard finding the time to get my school work completed….mainly the reading. Everything seems to be falling in place. My guys are great in the evenings, because when I go into the office and close the door, they know I am busy and give me the time I need. That makes everything go faster and I actually spend less time away from them.

It goes back to being "intentional" with my time. Making it count. When I sit to read, I pour into my reading and concentrate on the content (sometimes after re-reading several times). When I talk to my children, I look into their eyes and listen to every word they say. When I compose an email, I think about the tone that I am using.

Everything matters.

It's like the old saying "stop and smell the roses." It means taking time to enjoy the things around you, stopping and giving yourself a minute to give thanks, and appreciating your situation.

I am not one to "meditate," but I do admire those who can. On a recent Oprah, she and Goldie Hawn were talking about happiness. They were giving the audience a quiz about different things that can determine your "level of happiness." One of the questions asked was whether or not you spent a time of silence in each day. The results were pretty amazing. About 70% said they did not.

I'm not surprised.

Oprah nearly fell out of her chair and talked to her viewers about how important it is to take a few minutes each day to give thanks to whomever or whatever it is in your life that is greater than your self.

She's right.

Do we take at least one minutes to give thanks and breathe each day? It's not how much time or where we spend the time that is important, but let's be intentional in our day and give thanks.

Can you take one minute?

Today I Am Thankful For:

1. Sharp scissors
2. A good hair day
3. The ticking of a clock
4. The sound of the heater in the house
5. Fuzz at the bottom of the fridge

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