Monday, March 02, 2009

Always Searching

I ran across some old notebooks, you know the kind where you write a few notes from sermons or retreats and you never use the notebook again? I have stacks of them! I decided to tear out those few pages that were here and there and put them in one place. I mean if I wrote it down it must have meant something important to me.

I found a gem.

"God created us with a spirit jump started to find Him. We are not born saved. We are always searching."

I am always searching and it's evident by my office. I have tons of empty notebooks (with the intention of journaling), bible studies (I've yet to do, but will get to), several Bibles, books of prayer, books on encouragement, blogs I've marked as faves on my laptop, the list goes on.

I am on a search. To be in His presence. I do have a relationship with God. A deep one. But I am always looking for ways to strengthen my relationship with Him. I think that is a good thing. When we become complacent in our search, we tend to forget about God until we need to lean on Him in tough times. I definitely don't want to slip into that routine.

Yes, God is there we times are tough, but God is with us always. He delights in our relationship and looks forward to meeting with us everyday.

Have you sat and had your coffee with God this morning? Maybe the two of you visit while you are driving to work, while you are putting on your makeup, or you talk with Him before your feet even touch the ground in the morning. Whenever works best, make sure you make time for Him today and everyday.

Today I Am Thanful For:

1. pretty, spiral notebooks
2. a de cluttered office
3. funky Sketchers
4. old pictures
5. floppy disks


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