Friday, April 17, 2009

Faith Friday's

Faith is...ceasing to worry, leaving the FUTURE to the God who controls the future. Pamela Reeve

I have been thinking alot about the future lately. Since our friend recently died, mortality has reared its head and you can't help but think about such things.

My eyes have been opened up and I have realized that I need to get my papers in order. Financial, wills, DNR, my household binder. I have gotten a good start, but have quite a bit of work left to do.

I am a great worrier. One of the best I dare say. But what I have to remember is to leave it all in the hands of God. He knows when it's time for us to come home and there is nothing we can do about it!

As Beth Moore recently wrote,

"This, Beloved, is what we live for. Not for just another day here. But for that very day there."

I get so wrapped up in what my life is here on earth that I forget that my eternal reward is truly that, a reward. The ultimate place to be. I have a place ready for me. The Father is waiting on me. It's such a comforting reality.

Another Beth Moore'ism I've come to love is,

"If you're still breathing, you ain't done yet."

We're not done, Beloved. We have so much to do. Don't get caught up in the worry of what might happen and when it will happen. It will rob us of the joys we have in our daily living.

"Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?" Matthew 6:27

Today I Am Thankful For:

1. day trips
2. my dad's desk lamp
3. coasters
4. kleenex
5. healing wounds


Rachel B said...

Something that has been on my mind as well...time. In fact, I was writing a little bit about that today in my journal. Going to post something on my blog about it in the next couple of days. Time is ticking, isn't it?! Now, we have to decide what we want to do with the time we have...starting today.

Good thoughts. :) Thanks for sharing.

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