Friday, June 19, 2009


Intuition - quick and ready insight; knowledge or conviction
"Mother's Intuition" - 98% on the money!

I think the moment I gave birth to my first child the "motherly intuition" gene was activated. It's that intuition that tells you when something bad is about to happen, when to turn and look right at the moment your toddler is climbing up the bookshelf, the sickening turn of your stomach when a doctor walks in your room and you know the news will be grim.

My motherly intuition is kicking into high gear today as my youngest son, "Christian", is having issues with his hemophilia. He is in pain when we infuse through his port and I just know something is wrong.

I am waiting for Christian to wake up from his nap so that we can (he's had a pretty bad shin bleed so we're infusing every three hours)see how he handles his infusion. If it doesn't go well, we're off to the emergency room for an x-ray. A great way to start the weekend.

I believe in intuition. Actually, I believe it's God speaking to you. That whisper, that nudge on your heart to call that long, lost friend. The desire to write a letter or send a special something to a relative who recently lost their spouse. That word of encouragement you are impressed to share with a dear friend. Those are the times God is speaking to us. To do His work. To show His love.

Has He nudged you lately? Did you dismiss that moment or act on it?

Today I Am Thankful For:

1. lunch with a friend
2. feathers
3. a freshly baked cake that popped out of the pan
4. our new Wii
5. birthday parties


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