Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Legacy

I have found a great freedom in writing. To put down the thoughts and feelings you have in your heart on paper is a release.

My sweet friend, Barbara, taught a creative writing class at our church last year. I took it not knowing what to expect and the first thing I wrote about was my brother. I never knew him. He was born before me and died at only five days old.

He was always a mystery. My mother and father never talked about him and when we went to visit his grave (in my Dad's hometown), my Mom never got out of the car. It had to have been too painful. I wish she would have talked about him and how she felt.

Years later, when my oldest son was diagnosed with Severe Hemophilia A, she was totally shaken and did not want me to tell anyone about it. I never understood her words that day in the hospital and she died five weeks later.

When my surprise baby came along, TEN YEARS LATER, and he also had Severe Hemophilia A we knew I carried the gene.

We put the pieces of the puzzle together. My brother did not die of "jaundice" as I was told, but his jaundice was the result of a head bleed. He was very brusied when he was born, so he went through a great deal of trauma.

Some people would rather not know the details of a persons past if there was something not "perfect". But some of us need to know details. It's the details that shape a person's legacy.

My brother had a short time here in this world. He left a legacy to my sons. Some may think that remembering something as painful would not be worth dwelling on, but I am glad that my boys will know that they were not the only ones in our family with hemophilia.

My brother was a blessing in the lives of my parents, even if he lived only a few short days. The legacy he passs on to my sons has been a tremendous blessing in too many ways to count.

All these years later, my brother urged me to write. To remember him. To ignite a passion I have within me. His legacy continues.

"I always thank God for you because of his grace given you in Christ Jesus."
1 Corinthians 1:4

Today I Am Thankful For:

1. my first story being publishe(about my brother in a Bleeding Disorder Publication)
2. legal pads
3. a green thumb
4. my son's love of music
5. Play Dough


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