Monday, May 03, 2010


I love the feeling you have after an afternoon of work in the yard. Since we've lived in New Mexico, we've not really had the opportunity to really "work" a yard (and it's very different compared to the climate in Houston). Our plan is to transform and pour some love into our yard at our parsonage. It has been neglected for several years....overgrown trees , plenty of dirt instead of grass...etc. We mowed and did a little planting Saturday...just some marigolds and rose bushes. It's amazing how a couple of small changes make such a big difference!

It's been hard in our first year of living in a parsonage. You feel like a "renter." What does it take to make it feel like your home? I think it's just investing yourself into where you are living and actually "living" in the present...not "worrying" about next years appointment and cherishing the time where you are at.

You know moving will happen but you can't let it consume you. Being in the itinerant system makes you feel like a gypsy sometimes (and we've only begun)! I am finding it to be a new put down roots where we are called. As long as we are together as a family, where we are physically is a non-issue. It's just geography!

It's love that grounds us.

Love that fuels us.

Love that keeps us together (wasn't that a song....).

Today I Am Thankful For:

1. dirt
2. weeds
3. the smell of fresh cut grass
4. parades
5. little boy hugs


Flo said...

Hi.I'm new to blogging..I like your blog site! Im a fellow Christian.
How or where did you go to fix your page up so pretty? I have myspace and have it fixed up, but not finding blogspot as user friendly..heh...I'm also on facebook. I thought I need to write down my thoughts from time to here I am blogging!!! Happy Mother's day!!

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