Thursday, April 28, 2011

Am I Too Passionate?

Back in October, my 14 year old was bullied at school and physically attacked. I've been waiting and waiting for something to happen.

Long story short, the Police Department did everything they were supposed to do, filed the report within 24 hours and now the Juvenile Probation office says they never received it. The officer re-submitted the report last week and now the case is open.

I was treated so badly by a secretary at the Juvenile office today that I have already reported her actions to her supervisor and have crafted a letter to send to her directly (while copying her supervisor and the police captain).

I'm ticked.

I've had physical stress like none other over the past two weeks.

I just believe that the right thing needs to be done for the sake of the right thing needing to be done.

The "rude secretary" needs to learn about customer service. Sometimes you deal with irate people, sometimes they are even a bit ignorant, but your job is to handle them as well as possible.

She needs to learn how to see people from another point of view (especially in her line of work).

She didn't understand that I had been getting the "run around" and had been waiting since October for justice to be served. Could I help that I am at my wits end with all of this?

She doesn't know that it takes over $100,000 a year to treat my son with factor replacement therapy and that the injuries he sustained, for the average person, were probably no big deal. It cost over $6,000 extra to treat those injuries. His injuries could have been life threatening if that bully had gone just a little bit farther.

She also didn't know the stress I was under because at the moment I was in her office looking for a few answers, my 5 year old was home suffering from not only a nasty ear infection, but a pretty serious bleed in his thigh and we had been infusing him every three hours around the clock.

You have to watch the words you say and how you say them.

Often times it's best to not say anything, but simply shake your head in agreement.

I don't get angry at much anymore, but when you mess with my children or husband, I get a little crazy.

I would appreciate your prayers as the report of the incident finally gets underway.

Today I Am Thankful For:

1. Listening
2. A soft, pallet on the floor
3. An understanding ear
4. Realizations
5. passion

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